Kangaroo Island Health Service provides acute services ranging from in-hospital care for adults and children by local general practitioners to specialist surgical, obstetrics, and outpatients.

Patients may commence their stay at Kangaroo Island Health Service but finish their care at one of the neighbouring hospitals with specialist medical or allied health input when required. All hospitals in the region work collaboratively to support the patient care needs of the region.

a. Medical services for your outpatient presentation at Kangaroo Island Health Service are not funded by the hospital service. This service is provided by the doctors at Kangaroo Island Medical Clinic and private fees apply for these services.

b. It is expected that your out-of-pocket cost for a standard consultation will be between $50 – $100. However, the total fee for your visit will be payable in full on the day. Extra costs may apply for associated procedures or longer consultations.

If your condition warrants admission you will be covered by the public health system, depending on eligibility.

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We are a QPA-Accredited, private-billing practice located at 64 Murray Street in Kingscote, South Australia. Our mission is to provide the highest standard of patient care incorporating a holistic approach toward diagnosis and management of illness.