Update about Appointment Bookings

We have received some criticism lately from patients not being able to secure an appointment at the KI Medical Clinic.

We understand that this is frustrating!

KI Medical Clinic is committed to servicing all Kangaroo Island residents.
We are currently working on improving our available services by
• Hiring locums to boost our workforce
• Providing 10-minute script only appointments for repeat prescriptions.
• Actively recruiting GP’s to our practice. We would like to welcome Scott Wines & Zoe Rodgers (KIHS Emergency Only) to Kangaroo Island.
Some things that our patients can do to help are:
• Cancelling unneeded appointments prior to the appointment start time
• Arriving on time for your appointments
• Booking a script appointment in advance when collecting your last repeat from the pharmacy 
• Ensuring your details held at the clinic are kept up to date
• Ensuring sufficient time is booked to discuss your medical care

KI Medical Clinic has up to 30 missed appointments per week which significantly decreases the amount of available appointments.
We understand that these things can happen for many reasons, but we would ask that patients notify the clinic if you are unable to keep your appointment time. This will allow us to offer your appointment time to other patients.

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