At KI Medical Clinic our aim is to provide the whole of the KI Community with the highest standard of care in the most timely and equitable way.

Being the sole GP Practice on the Island, servicing the hospital to provide emergency, procedural, inpatient and aged care services can sometimes present challenges for both our doctors, staff, and patients. This has been the case especially as doctor numbers decrease and we deal with extra COVID restrictions whilst the demand for our services are still very high.

We understand that delays in getting an appointment or making contact with a doctor can be frustrating for our patients, our staff are working particularly hard to ensure we do our best to help you.

That said, we wish to remind our patients of our expectations around treatment of our practice team, especially our administration staff. Our admin staff are not responsible for setting policies around accessibility of appointments, and are faced with the difficult task – day in, day out – of navigating a system which is in very high demand.

It is our expectation that our admin staff will not be in any way threatened, abused, yelled at, or sworn at, at any time – either at the practice or over the phone. As a private practice, we reserve the right to ask a person who is not treating our staff with respect, to leave the premises.

We are very aware that it is an extremely difficult time for our community and we will continue to do our best to assist our patients. If you are having continued difficulty booking an on-the-day appointment, we would ask that you contact our Practice Manager to make a suitable arrangement to see a doctor.

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We are a QPA-Accredited, private-billing practice located at 64 Murray Street in Kingscote, South Australia. Our mission is to provide the highest standard of patient care incorporating a holistic approach toward diagnosis and management of illness.

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